The Iowa Insurance Division Postpones Inaugural SmartHER Money Conference in Cedar Falls

Iowa Insurance Division

The SmartHER Money Conference has been postponed until further notice.  Circumstances have changed quickly, negatively impacting the presence of presenters and attendees.  We look forward to holding this conference at a later date in order to share financial literacy and other resources with Iowans.

This new program, which includes the conference, focuses on female Iowans and was developed this year following concerning results from the “2020 SmartHER Money Financial Literacy Research” survey, commissioned by the Iowa Insurance Division.

Some 56% of Iowa women participating in the survey acknowledged a lack of confidence in making wise financial decisions in retirement planning. In addition, roughly 50% of Iowa women live in financially insecure households, and 60% of participants said they lacked sufficient knowledge about investments and investment products.

While the conference is a valuable aspect of the SmartHER Money program, Iowans can start enhancing their financial literacy and charting a more secure financial future today by taking free online courses at